Monday, October 1, 2007

London Fashion Week Spring 2008

Duro Olowu became wide known for his eclectic empire waist dresses made from vintage fabrics. This season he showed a much more accomplished line inspired by the vibrant colors from India. The show opened with a brilliant teal green trouser-suit!! Other suits were shown with trousers and some with pencil skirts. Boy have the famous "Duro dresses" have also evolved. All made with vintage fabrics, the styles of the dresses, including prints and lengths, were gorgeous!

Olowu Spring 2008. © Getty Images

Erdem Moralioglu's show mostly consisted of custom-made taffetas and silks in black and white. You may recognize this designer's name after his 2005 Fashion Fringe winning. From this image you can see that Moralioglu met his goal of wanting "to put things together that didn't go together" with his Spring 2008 collection. Unique pairings such as cropped vests with long black gowns, bauble skirts, pleated numbers, and taffeta biker jackets made the evening interesting. The crowd favorite of the night were the abstract botanical printed evening dresses worn with strapy thongs in yellow and red patent leather! Erdem Moralioglu truly showed the sophisticated side to his surreal vision of fashion.

A look from Matthew Williamson's Fall 2007 collection. © Getty Images

Congrats to Nicole Farhi, celebrating her 25th anniversary on the runway this week. Known for more comfortable pieces Farhi amazed everyone with her Spring 2008 collection inspired by tribal African prints and colors. This boho chic show gave a true sense of exotic warmth. This year Farhi raised the waist with high skirts and cropped wide pants to bring home that feeling of comfort.

Nicole Farhi Spring 2008. © Getty Images

Although there were many empty seats at the Paul Smith show last Tuesday at the Horticultural Halls near Victoria, Mr. Smith turned it out! It is said that many seats were empty due to Isabella Blow's memorial service which was taking place immediately following the show. Nonetheless Paul Smith's spring collection was very memorable with a 'jazzy '20s feel which can best be described as a cross between garden party and private school girl, but with an accentuated eccentricity, evidenced by models wearing Harry Potter-style reading glasses.' A vibrant collection this was. With details ranging from strips, pastels and velvet Smith delivered a charming, wearable collection.

Paul Smith Women Spring 2008. © FirstView

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