Monday, October 1, 2007

Fashionista Diaries Season Finale!!

If you don't watch this show it must be because you don't have the channel. TV Guide says is "its the Devil Wears Prada come to life!" Fashionista Diaries is a show that follows aspiring assistants as they clamor for a place in New York fashion. There are 6 assistants who work for one of the following companies: CosmoGIRL, FLIRT! Cosmetics, Charlotte Ronson, Seventh House PR, and Jane Magazine. These lucky teens are aspiring to have glamorous dream jobs in the fashion, beauty, public relations and magazine publishing fields which are hard to get. There's lotsa cutthroat competition! Busy bosses have no time for nonsense, so they only want to hire the best and brightest for entry-level assistant positions. Do the six Fashionistas -- Andrew, Bridget, Janjay, Nicole, Rachel and Tina -- have what it takes to survive and succeed? Their professional mentors -- Charlotte, Brandon, Kathleen and Mandie – will be the judge of that.

I have become soo obsessed with watching the Fashionista Diaries and I can not wait until the season finale to see who is offered a permanent position. The final Episode the Fashionista Diaries airs Wednesday at 9 pm ET/PTon SoapNet, which is channel 195 for me [Comcast]. On the season finale, the six assistants will perform various tasks during New York City's Fashion Week but at the end of the day only one of them will get the ultimate prize of a full-time position. Hope your tuned in with me!

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Ondo Lady said...

Actually Nicole is no longer in it, she left halfway through and has now been replaced with Laurie. Also due to the folding of Jane magazine, the publication is no longer in the running and Rachel and Andrew are now on CosmoGirl. Finally, the positions that are up for grabs are on Flirt Cosmetics, CosmoGirl and Seventh House PR. Charlotte Ronson is not conducting a placement on the show; her role is that she is a client of Seventh House PR and will have a fashion show at New York Fashion Week in which all the Fashionistas will work on.

Cristalle Meth said...

I know right!! Andrew seemed so devistatated when Jane Mag folded too!! Thanks for your comment! Who do you want to get a position? And whats up with that constant beef between Janjay and Nicole??

Ondo Lady said...

Janjay and Rachel are my favs as well as Laurie, the lady who takes over Nicole's place. I am not aware of any beef between Nicole and Janjay in fact I don't even remember them having any scenes together.