Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In the Streets of NYC

Here are some people I found in the streets of Manhattan. Trust me, there were soo many people, I couldn't get them all but I pretty much tagged them all! If you found a sticker on your property please leave us a comment on your reaction!!

<3 Cris

Okay so not everyone I found over the week were on Fashion Ave but they all belong there!

It was hard getting this shot. I must have tried at least 5 times!! I love her business look! She's got on the ruffled neck line white short sleeve blouse with contemporary black slacks accommodated by simple flats..very classic!

I don't know how old she is but I hope to be this fly and fabulous when I reach my 50's. Once again big shades are in!! We love this camisole covered by v neck knit top pairing! The over sized black Chanel leather bag compliments the entire look. Kudos Granny!

I snapped this guy walking outside of the Broadway Theatre after watching "The Color Purple." I love the loud hot top with jeans.

She must have been a fashion student at F.I.T. or Parsons. This picture was taken on Fashion Ave near the colleges. I took this picture several times also but none of them showed her entire outfit! *sad* But I think we all get the idea.

Fine a*% Hugo. I just love everything about his look from the fedora hat to skinny jeans. FLY! Makes you want to date outside of your race..hmmm..

This young lady I had to get. From the hair color to the corky layering of the clothing, this chick has a look that works.

How many times do I have to see people with these Indian boots/moccasins before I jump on board?!! I love love love the shoes whether the owner is butt naked or with clothing on but these daisy dukes really highlight the boots perfectly!

I had to do a super super zoom in to get this chick. I was disappointed to see that there were still issues with the looks overexposed!! You will have to use your imagination with this one as well. Trust me, the dress was beautifully crafted and flowed and complimented her very well.

Still walking down Lafayette Street I found this guy locking up his bike. The bike I loved, the owner I loved even more!

These fresh kids I met coming out of Clientele...we have Dylan Adams and Harry Dervisevic...boys you already know your fly from the kicks to the tee's and hat..FRESH!

I met Gabriel while working at Triple Five Soul and I loved everything about his look and personality. Next time your in the area stop in Triple Five Soul and tell them Pistol Whipped Cream sent ya!

This lovely lady I found on Lafayette Street near Soho with her boyfriend! I love the baby doll top/dress paired with denim and accented by pink shoes! Now if it were me I probably would have left the jeans off but this is can't be as daring as you can in Atlanta..I just don't think its safe unless you have a car nearby and tazor gun!

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Anonymous said...

lol the kids in the pics names are Dylan adams (on the left of the screen) and Harry Dervisevic on the right. Thanks for putting it up.