Wednesday, September 5, 2007

:: The Sh*t Stickers :: my shoe is not coming off...its a wedge!! Wedges are not 1 dimension!! LOL
---------------'re the SHIT!! If you have recently found one of these one of a kind Pistol Whipped Cream stickers on yourself or property of yours then that means you have something that we at Pistol Whipped Cream found refreshing. Whether its your style, your hair, or even your ride...WE LOVE IT!! Thanks for bringing a funky fresh element to society....[as this is our way of complimenting you]!! Keep tuned to Pistol Whipped Cream as we are expanding and adding *New* features weekly. And to everyone else: tighten up, we have our eyes on the streets.

-Pistol Whipped Cream

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Anonymous said...

HA HA I got one... so i must be the shit!!!!!!

Altenise said...

i was tagged today in SOHO..gues i'm the shit!

Adam said...

i was tagged in IKEA...i guess i'm shit, too!

btw....ur sole is totally coming off

Anonymous said...

who is this adam asshole? haters!