Sunday, September 2, 2007

Day 5 in NYC : Flight From HELL

Yesterday i accidently ended up in i purposely returned! So I'm looking for Prestigious Fashions so I can peep their sneaker collection for ya'll...I bummed a ride all the way there just to find out that joint was closed!! who closes on Sundays?? I am soo used to the A where if there's money to be made business in open!! Since I was already there you would think I would just hang out right??? NOPE..I was serious when I said my feet were throbbing!! I dunno what happened. I guess I never recovered from that first day so all the rest were just adding pain to injury? As much walking as I do NY and this has never happened to me before! Also, I still have that cold that I started coming down with yesterday!! I can't explain it but I am sooo ready to get back to Atlanta where I have a car and groceries!! Back to Harlem and now I must pack and say my goodbyes before heading to the airport. I arrive at the airport mad early and try to catch up on some work in the terminal. Finally its time to board and it looks like we're leaving early. By the way, the flight sucked. The pilot was from HELL!! The left side of my face was in soo much pain from all the pressure from him dropping the plane too quickly versus gradually and slamming the breaks in mid air..yes he did ya'll and I could feel it all!! What I had was no headache..I was in so much pain and my ear was screaming..I just knew it was bleeding but I kept checking and it wasn't. Finally I asked the flight attendant and her dumb a*$ that it was because we were landing..I was thinking explain the rest of the flight dummy because I have been feeling like crap since we got in the air!! Oh well, finally I got off the fight and arrived back in Atlanta!! I am so happy to be back home guys!! See ya in the streets.

-Cris, PWC

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SayaWho? said...

Sounds like you are an expert on flying a plane! However, please don't quit your day job! Leave it to the professionals! :)