Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day 4 in New York : p.s. those bit*hes @ STUSSY can kiss my a$#

My feet have been throbbing since day 1!! This morning not only did I not want to get up but I damn sho didn't want to catch the subway and do more walking but I couldn't let you guys down eh. Off to the sneaker shops I went. I made it to Clientele (rude staff), Stussy (truly rude staff!!!), Otto Tootsi Plohound, Triple Five Soul (image wise: one of the dopest stores I saw!), Adidas (cool as hell Garage type setting), Brooklyn Industries, Kid Robot, and i think Supreme was closed for business!! Okay now back to people with bad attitudes...I know I'm in NY but damn, does customer service not exist??!! I mean a lot of these stores have franchises in other states where I know you will get fired if you act a fool, example: Atlanta. Now some establishments in Atlanta have ghetto staff but for the most part you have to leave your attitude at the door, especially if you are working for a large company!! Usually stores are excited that someone wants to write about their store...FREE PRESS HELLO!! But you can tell that the people who I encountered not only would NEVER hold a management position but were pure dumb a$$ don't piss off the press!! Retail New Yorkers need some lessons in good customer service and need to be held accountable for their mouths. I first encountered dumb business practices at Clientele. The black guy working the counter knew he was being ridiculous because he wouldn't even give me his name. He was being very annoying, saying all the wrong things and being difficult. If you know I am in your store to write about you store then don't say fuc*ed up sh*t!! He even admitted that they have a lot of bad things written about their store and he didn't understand why. Clientele store workers, if you are wondering why you have bad press then look at yourself and how you conduct your business!! From that I went to Stussy. Couldn't find the store so I called to get some directions. Unfortunately, I got stuck with a moron who doesn't have patience for people who can't find the store. Not only did this dude show his a** but we ended up getting into an argument on the phone which ended with me telling him that he doesn't have to be such a a** hole!! Yes I said it!! No longer did I care about having good customer service and biting my tongue!! After all, none of these a* holes were so I went into survival of the fittest mode. When I found the store, with no help from the staff, I walked inside to NOT be impressed at all by their collection. I am sooo NOT a hater either!! If your shit is hot, I will say so. A hater wouldn't even have still tried to find the store and walk in with intentions on purchasing a hat. I know, I know. Yes I would have bought something if it was dope. I figured there was no reason in punishing the owners for that 1 a**hole I dealt with but a part of me is glad I didn't see anything, they don't deserve my money..(I can go back and forth..devils advoate). Finally I was out of Soho and back to Harlem for the ended up great except for the fact that I think I got sick somewhere along the way. My fam thinks that it's just the NY air but I dunno. With all the construction and stir up of the chemicals in the air from 911 now going on I don't doubt it.

On another note, I will be posting my reviews and pix from the shops soon so keep checking back!!



Anonymous said...

yeah I have heard about the attitudes people in NY have dude

Anonymous said...

Hey! you stoped me and my friend outside of Clientele this day i think. You took some pics of us. I was excited to be on your blog :(, but i dont see me here. My myspace is to refresh your mind or something. :)


oh yeah, i got you!! i havent posted those pix yet..they will be up soon!! promise!!

kiss kiss