Saturday, August 25, 2007

Janelle Monae Album Release Party!!

Janelle Monae's debut album Metropolis is in stores now!

Joiet, Kisha, Mika: A great set of smiles compliments any wardrobe

Tiffany is what happens when matchy-matchy actually works!

Not saying you have to try this look, but damnit it works for her!

Couldn't you get lost in those eyes...and who doesn't love a big bold tatoo

Dig the necklaces; Gold will always be a classic!

This chica has splendidly spruced up a simple black shirt with bold earrings

Color upon color mixed with a big bold pattern- CUTE!

Love the dolman sleeves. Keep in mind it won't work well with big shoulders, unless you like looking like a football player.

Revenge of the NERDs!!!: Oh no...its just Dream Weaver, the opening act for Janelle Monae

Celebrity Stylist: Provi Fulp. She has designed for the likes of recording artist Janelle Monae, Project Runway's Mychael Knight, Tyrese Gibson, actor Boris Kodjoe, and Sara Blakely of Spanx intimates just to name a few. Check her out at

Recording Artist Joi! If you haven't heard of her then you're missing out on a soul-funky explosion of artistic expression. Sleep no more!!

Sarah is rocking the Velma look we so adore. Iconic expression is always appreciated...

Go from day to nigtht like Miya pairing her flowy tunic and leggings

Theresa's the sh*t: Check the sticker!!

Recording Artist, Jimi James is red hot in this vintage inspiration. See how hot she really is on myspace and her webpage.

Nicole is showing off another pleasing rendition of the little black dress-can't go wrong there!

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