Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Elmer Ave Party & Fashion Show @ Bill Hallman 8.17

Elmer Ave is the compostion of four rockin skater dudes from North Hollywood, California who only 3years ago, developed an outrageously unique way to give mens apparel and high fashion a Rock n Roll twist. Each piece from this inspired collection is customized and painted by the Afroman Design Team. It consists of all reworked, one of a kind, vintage pieces that are precisely fit and painted. The line boasts on using contrasting elements to redefine the fabric's character transforming it into rock and roll gear that is strong, sexy, unique and highly exclusive.

Bill Hallman hosted the evening by showcasing the new addition of Elmer Ave to the boutique, and providing a fashion show and platform for the fusion of drunken party-goers, designers, and models.

Personal friend of the band sportin' the hot look this summer of the mini and platforms

Ed, who's apparently a model and guitarist. Mmm...Peroni...

Southern gal that was totally rocking that Gidget doo. Love it!

Shoy Sauce, Store Owner: Bill Hallman, & Cristalle Pistol

Layer crazy honey here. Rockin it with her leggings, vest, and 2tanks.

Very mod chica. Love the rocker bangs!!

Shoy, Peroni Ambassador Michael Ugino, & Friend

The collection this season is inspired by medieval influences with agressive notes like guns with other bold graphics adorning v-necks, vests and jackets. Jackets are the hugest part of the line and have draped the likes of Tommy Lee, Dave Navarro, Kanye West, Weezer, and Will.I.Am.

Elmer Ave's
influences stem from the legends of rock & roll and egdiness from the world of skateboarding. Their appeal is primarily with those who start fashion trends and celebrate individuality, truly embracing the rocker at heart.

Party-goer lookin oh-so-rockalicious...

A couple of familiar faces from Wish supporting the cause

Philonie looks flowingly glamorous in her summer frock

Cindy Hallman, wife of Bill Hallman, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous

Lavina's got the LBD accessorized well with big bangles and cool earrings emphasizing a great neck line

Page is kickin ass in her cowboy boots- no spurs allowed at this party

Left American Apparel and hit the party...Boutique love!

Veronica with Johnny racking in the Big Bucks!

Royal Heist Band
: Edward, Chuck, Collin, & Ward with the ladies of Pistol Whipped Cream. On tour now in a city near you!

...And finally introducing Elmer Ave Designers: Ward, Collin, Johnny, & Sean

::Hey! Not done yet::

See Saucy Party with the likes of Elmer Ave, Anoname, Aristabrat, and Program the Dead

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