Tuesday, May 29, 2007

::I party WITH Rockstars!!::

After the Bill Hallman event, I had to go HARD at the Hardrock...

Ed and Chuck pose for Pistol Paparazzi

Collin and I together for a close-up

Chuck, Me, and crazy insane Patrick of Aristabrats

Program the Dead performed: What an awesome band!!!

Once Hardrock kicked us out we took it around the corner...

The gang sippin on Brewskies

Jeremy and Kim all snuggled up

Doran does his dance on the floor: He's so serious

Smokes, Beer, Friends, and Food. Can it get any better?! I'm not a smoker, but whatever...

Me, Collin, and Priscilla of Anoname

Photos with the photo takers!!

Representing WestSIDE!!

We couldn't help ourselves

Check his Tatt's

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I had to say goodbye to my Rockin' New Love :(

1 comment:

Erin Michelle said...

Hell yeah!

I'm glad you liked Program the Dead....they're awesome!!!