Thursday, July 12, 2007

::INTEGRATION:: A Fusion of Fashion Art & Dance

"Wondertwin Productions Presents:

INTEGRATION: the combining and coordinating of seperate parts or elements into a unified whole.

Our INTEGRATION: the joining of individual talents to create a collection of the best Atlanta has to offer.

Featuring Designs By: Andrew Bellury, Brave Benard, & Lauren "Che" Newman

It's time that you knew what this city really consists of. From fashion to art to music...take note because this is the future of Atlanta."


Designs of Andrew Bellury:

Designs of Brave Benard:

Designs of Lauren "Che" Newman:

Designers Andrew Bellury, Brave Benard, & Lauren "Che" Newman grace the stage enthralled by the crowd's approval!



Kylie said...

OMG! I wish I would have come to the event!! Where can I find these styles and designs?

Trish said...

I really had a fun time that night!!! I am so glad that you guys have such a great eye for fashion!