Thursday, July 12, 2007


You know the Street Couture Stalkers exposed all the Fashionistas in the building!! Mostly everyone in attendance was well represented by their wardrobe. Few disapointments if any. If you are still unsure of how to pull off a banging look get your pen and pencil ready!! Enjoy the pix!!

-Pistol Whipped Cream

First we have the girls behind Diamond Heart. Apparently not only are they into music, but they’re making T-shirts! Check these ladies in their original creations and hot ass adidas. . . Girl Power!!!

All cozied up in the corner. I guess he likes her necklace as much I do!

Get it gurrl! Check out her flashy bold accessories.

She was deservingly whipped in this striped smock vintage inspiration. What's yours?!

Have you gotten your pair yet? We love the graphic print earrings. And hers are so fresh. . . baby cassettes, how cute!

How funky is she?! Pairing her patriotic madras shorts with a demure pink blouse, and poppin yellow bag. . . works for me.

I love suspenders!! And look at this fun funky fresh way to accessorize your neckline—a punchy scarf. yummy!

Mini mini minis! If you’ve got great legs you NEED one in your wardrobe and she’s paired it well with this rockin’ Tee. Love that pendant too!

This girl was dancing her ass off. But that’s what you’d expect of anyone dressed in a metallic trapeze party dress. HUGE this summer. Great with leggings, skinny’s, or just a great pair of leggs!

Check out these next two ladies. Both are wearing boldly colored high-waist skirts totally different ways. I’m torn . . . which one do you like best?

My favorite thing to do with apparel . . . layer!!! Here she’s layered a celadon colored satin corset top with pale ivory lace. How serene. Beautiful construction, mami!

The orchestrator of the night’s event, Lindsey! Also the manager of wish. I told you they all dress cute there . . . very flashback Betsy Johnson.

Yay! A romper!! Don’t you just wanna jump around in a McDonald’s playhouse when you see these! This look always takes me back to my childhood. Oh, what a simpler time. . .

Vintage tee, long hair, skinny jeans, and oh the neck wear. Who wouldn’t appreciate the 70’s approach? Can you say Vinnie Barbarino!

Meet Ms. Jensen Harris. Not only can she boldly go where no hair color has gone before, but she can take yours there too! Accolades to her for all the hairdos in the show.

Too cool for school! Rope chain, stunna shades, and blingedy-bling. Can you dig it!!! I can dig it, brotha!

Look at the Colgate smiles :) That are only matched by their gorgeous tresses and fun tops. . .Ahhh, what a cute couple of kids

This chick had on the hottest skull ring I’ve ever seen. Matter of fact she got it in one of my favorite cities, London! Click for a bigger view!

Bang Bang girl, Ree, turns heads in this silk print flowing long dress. She bangs you up and we pistol whip ya! Lovely!

And there they are again, the wish girls!!! Always looking amazing. If you need style tips visit them at either location in L5P.

RYAN!!! He insisted on holding our pistol. . . I guess it’s hard to say no to any guy that can rock out on the keys!

Take the Crown got pistol whipped!! Check out this rockin’ band from Huntington Beach, California on their myspace page.


Anonymous said...

DiamondHear is so fuckin fly yo...

Anonymous said...

Will ya'll do more on them?

Trista said...

The best female duo you know if they will be performing anywhere soon?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the love gal.. i am looking absolutely drunk in that picture, lol. especially the person behind that picture too... lol


Ry 2 Tha said...

I missed my peoples show.

Shay said...

I absolutely love the ATL!!! Thanks Pistol Whipped Cream!!!

Tammy said...

I love Pistol Whipped Cream!!! Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us next!!!

Anonymous said...

yooooo....shorty with the suspenders is one of my best friends from high school.Now I'm super mad I missed the show. oh...nice pics ladies.