Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hot Shit!

October 31, British vocalist M.I.A. will be in concert with Chicagoan duo The Cool Kids at Center Stage. If you don't know about them.....get your GOOGLE on.

I'd also like to formally apologize to everybody I harassed until they watched The Cool Kids' Black Mags video. I swear...if that video has 86,000 views, I account for 75,000 of them.

What's your 2 cents on the video and concert?


Tash Ni'kol said...

Already got my M.I.A tickets!!!!

DiBiase said...

Bought my tix today M.I.A. plus Halloween plus hipsters = best Wed. night of the year!! and that video woulda of been wack if they didnt have the girls lip-synchin the screwed hook

so damn random! said...

omgod! I'm goin to the order them now!

Anonymous said...

She's from Sri Lanka
and cool kids are the shit!