Sunday, October 14, 2007

Adam Zyo Hits Stateside!!!

European Designer Adam Zyo is finally premiering his designs stateside after being a hit for a around a decade in Europe. He currently owns showrooms in places like Italy, France, China, Egypt, Russia, and now Atlanta! His designs mainly consists of men’s wear: suits, ties, shirts, and dress shoes; but he is also moving into women's fashion as well. Guys you should definitely check him out, he is currently doing a promotional deal that you wouldn't want to miss. Just print the flyer for admission into the showroom. For now keep your eyes out because Zyo is taking over!


Anonymous said...

what about munkis!

Anonymous said...

Great deal on that promotion, but despite all their claims, the suits are pretty cheap. They are 65% Rayon and 35% Mucilage Glue...not wool like any other quality suit designer. No refund policy either. Unimpressed.