Friday, September 14, 2007

Ian Ford's Bday Bash @ Sugar ::PARTAKE::

Deangela has a very cute girl next door look with the boyfriend jeans and white tank. We love how her eyeshadow coordinates with her overall look. The jacket, hat and messenger style bag are excellent additions to the look that compliment well.

Floami we love how your top pops with color in the night. The black cotton mini coat and hat are also a great add to the look!

Look at Ms. Lola looking all shy! I love this Memeber Only-esque black jacket. So many coats tonight! Fall is really coming!

Heather proves that Fedora hats really cool. I love it, the wide leg jeans with the chains on the side and white sleeveless ruffle chest top!

Felicia, Felicia, Felicia!! She knows what colors compliment her skin! I love her hair color choice, pinky cheeks, and beautiful dress!

Recording Artist Scar showed up and turned it out! Ya'll remember him..he made a vocal appearance on the Idlewilde soudtrack last year and has been blessing the stages every since.

Be sure to look out for Ms. Jaclyn's Magazine Launch: Banger Magazine. It's going to be a beast ya'll.

Frank looks so happy to see the ladies of Pistol Whipped Cream, then again who isn't?? LOL..I love the shirt and flipped up cap. You know we had to had our "SHIT STICKER" to the hat after the pic right...

Who say's Zebra print can't be done right?

As soon as Marchetta walked in the party the entire room lit up. I love her golden look. The dress flows so perfectly and compliments her skin well. Usually I try to stay away from neutral tones to avoid being washed out but this dress makes Marchetta shine! Good look Mami!

Shoy Sauce of Pistol Whipped Cream & Adam Ant getting their pose on!

Look at Savage rocking his Shit Sticker for the camera!

Jen & Crystal are soooo beautiful. I am so glad they came out. The mod look is in people!! Take notes from these ladies!

Oh yeah and there was ICE CREAM..the Ice Cream truck had Ice Cream for everyone that came out to the party!!...and yes, we all had seconds and even thirds!!

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