Saturday, September 8, 2007

Getting Sloppy @ Sloppy Seconds

How come I missed the memo about the bucket hat?! LL, eat your heart out!

This babe's totally Boobular!!

Shades match the shirt...likey, likey

Is every Asian girl inherently stylish? I think someone should do a study...

Chris! How could we miss the Midas touch on your footwear.

Check 'em out:

Jessica is doin it! The clutch, two-tone hair, and cute little sweetheart dress

Cary & Annabella: what a duo!

Samantha is our Amy Winehouse inspiration. I think she left the filthy ballet slippers at home however

Jarrod's shirt's so bright even he needed shades. Props on the co-ordination!

Loreal. If that's not the perfect name. She's completely flawless...awww

Robert is the ultimate man of mystery. Look deep, deep into his eyes...

D has the hottest tatt planted right on his medulla.

Faridah ain't scared of a little color

Bryan showcases bright mixed with neutrals

Jamera gets a little sexy Afro-centric

T stays chill 100% of the time!

Brothers Jake & Klever: Oh, a little brotherly love

Klever & Chilly-O, two of my favorite people. Check his hat, btw.

Dez gimme that damn shirt!

Alex is indulging in a little pistol whipped cream. mmm...mmm...good!

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