Thursday, September 20, 2007

::Fall Trends:: Metallics

If you’re a seeker-outer of exclusives like me and my girls then you gotta get on natural metallic tones for fall. This trend is typically perennial but trust and believe that a signature shiny piece like a slim clutch, streamline jacket or flimsy camisole always adds sexy to any chic ensemble.

Metallic is best in bits but if you’re a stunner like Heather Lynn…do it, do it, do it! SHE KILLS in a mid-drift metallic breaker with Oh My!, second skin leggings and chopper high heels. Fearless!

- Shaliss Hassell


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Anonymous said...

Yea Thats my Lil Sister from the N.O. doing her thing in the ATL ! Yall better Wipe her down , and watch her shoes !!!