Saturday, July 7, 2007

Little 5 Points

Check this cutie in an easy summer dress by Proenza Schouler (hope u didn’t miss it when they visited ur local Target.) This is a great dress b/c of the color and it can be dressed up or down. She made it funky casual with flip flops and fun colorful accessories. Hey! if you love this dress, check it on ebay--hurry while supplies last!

So you ask what’s up with this guy. . . Well, cool hair, cool shades, cool T, and cool sneaks. Those Velcro straps ain’t for the old fogies no more—everything’s throw back! What’s so cool about tying ur shoes anyway? Get a pair of Stan Smith adidas you lazy bastard!

Both these chicas were dressed so adorable--wearing different versions of an empire waist babydoll tank; which always goes nicely with the skinny jeans. Kudos ladies and love the bold plastic studs. I gots me an orange pair just down the street at Junkman’s!

And here’s one of the cutie pie girls from wish (boutique featured @ bottom of page.) Everyone who works there dresses so damn cute! Love the dark hose and the contrasting booties…hint hint ladies, booties will be huge this Fall. Stock up while you can!

A perfect example of layering. If that skirts a little on the short side, do some fun layering with leggings. For the casual look, pair it with a fun graphic tee. Easy, effortless style…with a diet Coke and a smile!


Gabrielle said...

I'm not from Atlanta but this definitely makes me wanna vist!!

Anonymous said...

Hey thats me! lolz.