Thursday, June 14, 2007

::Toyota Yaris Event: Sneaker Head vs Sneaker Head:: Atlanta, GA

...featuring the lovely Shoy...

...and Cris..Christian Dior Tee >>yes, Jordan Spizikes and Hat >> won't find them, Toki Doki bag >>from Japan

Christine from Complex Magazine knows what she's doing. This look did not come together by accident. She has on the gold bicycle link chain, crisp white tank, gold rope purple bag and Pashmina for the evening.

..the always beauiful Janae toting the straw bag with hot pink stitching and elegant flowing white babydoll dress with a sheer finish.

B Boy Bobby with Cris

Cris tricking off and Shoy rocking the New Era Warhol Fitted Cap

::AND now the SNEAKERS::

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