Monday, June 18, 2007

::Birthday Bash:: Atlanta, GA

Love this look! It is soooo versatile! You can go straight from hanging wit yo crew, to holding up a licka sto :) Alright! Alright! I am done with the jokes. We love the bandana thing, it does something for us in a hold-em-up kinda way.

In this case, third time is the charm! "U still got it gurl e'ry day, e'ry night you know U rock..."

Travis McCoy of GYM CLASS HEROES!!

Pistol is definitely rockin the Hellz Bellz! Hellz Bellz revolutionary approach to everything funky fresh pushes it to the limit with their aggressive and sometimes explicit graphics. WE LOVE IT!!!

Stunna Shades, Balenciaga tee, and Skinny jeans, oh my! P and
Shamaine are twins to be reckoned with. Their two unique styles are a direct representation of their funky personalities, and combine to make one devilish duo!


J.scott?! said...

Bandanas are NOT cool unless you are GETTING UP or a STICK UP KID if not take that shit off please yep

yea and they took some pics and put them on our blog yep...dont we just love pistol whip

Thanks guys for leaving me at the shop by myself >:(

Al said...

I sold Travis amd his girl that outfir at Wish...ain't that sum shit!....AL

Anonymous said...

This is the guy from the picture........ and i do stick up and pretty paid bitch.....get ant me

How do ya like them bandanas.....bitch..... J.scott?!